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Our goal at The Wellness Council of Oklahoma, and the goal of every member business, is to help Oklahomans learn more about how to manage their own health & wellness! That's a BIG goal.  Part of the way we want to help is by offering sweet deals so that you can get to know the practitioners, providers and specialties represented in the Wellness Council.  There are many different modalities represented in this group. Even among those who practice the same type of healing modality, individual practitioners might connect more with one person while a different provider might connect more with another. So, check out the members and these great offers!  

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Free Consultation
A free 45 minute consultation, in-person or via zoom, to discuss your goals. Find out if hypnosis is right for you! 
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Free 30 min Consultation
Free consultation for 30 minutes will answer your questions about why KOSA Acupuncture is the key to your successful happy healing. If y...
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