Dyslexia Healing Journey In A Few Minutes - KOSA Acupuncture

A dyslexic boy (11) came in with his uncle and grandmother on Sun. 03/12/2023. He told me his vision was very blurry. When I asked him to read a book he didn't want to try because he was embarrassed. I begged him to try and he told me he couldn't read anything. However, he told me that he knows the alphabet. He just couldn't make a word because letters were all scrambled to him. Because he was afraid of needles, I put 8 magnets on his knee, lower leg, and foot. As magnets were being put on him, he told me that blurriness was going away like fog. He was surprised that he could play a mobile game way better than before. When I asked him to read the book, although he could not read the words (because he didn't know how to pronounce them) he was able to see and read letters in order. Dyslexia was successfully cured in a matter of a few minutes (no more than 10 minutes).
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